Shipping & Returns

From an available order value of € 75, - we assume the shipping costs flat rate for you in full and deliver postage and packaging free. You save € 5.-

For orders under € 75, - we bear the bulk of the costs for the careful packaging and the reliable delivery of the goods. You only pay a flat rate of € 5.- per order, even for partial deliveries.

Delivery will be postage and packaging free, with cash on delivery, € 5, - cash on delivery.

Please note, when ordering by post-delivery: € 2, - delivery fee will be added to the postage!

In the event that a dispatch of goods is returned to the "postage and packaging clearance" by returning items, the freight costs will be charged retroactively and if our minimum order value of € 25.- is returned, we will charge a surcharge of € 5.- ,

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

DHL Package

Calculation Total price
to EUR 74,99 EUR 5,00
from EUR 75,00 to EUR 9.999,00 EUR 0,00
from EUR 9.999,00 - No Shipping -